Product information

Promithevo AWS Water Level Monitoring is a system developed to measure and track surface water levels. The system is equipped with various devices designed for data storage, transmission to cloud servers, and real-time data display on devices such as personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

Advantages of Promithevo AWS Water Level Monitoring

  • Data logger equipped with GPS for accurate time determination and anticipation in case of deviations.
  • Real-time data transmission to the cloud server using GPRS technology.
  • Storage capacity of 4GB, accessible via USB, capable of recording data for up to five years.
  • Solar-powered with a peak capacity of 20 watts, ensuring operational sustainability for 4-5 days.
  • Compatible with radar and pressure gauge sensors, enhancing the accuracy of water level observations.

Applications of Promithevo AWS Water Level Monitoring:

  • Monitoring natural disasters such as tsunamis, storms, tidal waves, floods, and rapid water level changes.
  • Sea monitoring for activities such as supporting port operations, tracking tides, assisting marine navigation, monitoring sea sports, and contributing to global air sports events.
  • Observing and managing activities in rivers, lakes, dams, irrigation systems, and supporting hydrological studies.

Promithevo AWS Water Level Monitoring Specifications

Measurement Range: 0 - 30m
Sensor Type: Radar
Measurement Resolution: +/- 1 mm
Accuracy: +/- 2mm
Radar Beam Width: 60 degrees
Temperature Compensation: -40~70 degrees Celsius
Overload Capacity: >200%
Communication: GSM, Bluetooth LE, LoRa (AS923)
Memory: 16GB (Capacity > 5 years)
Protection Level: IP67
Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-Ion 3200mAh x 2 Unit 3.7V + VRLA 7.2Ah 12V x 2 Unit
Power: 300mW
Data Interval: 1 minute and adjustable
Solar Panel: 20 WP