Product information

Monitoring water levels at docks, dams, and peat areas using a pressure gauge data logger to measure and record data.

Pressure Gauge Sensor:

A device that records changes in pressure, which will be converted into changes in water surface elevation. During the installation process, the device is inserted into a PVC pipe that will be buried in the ground. The sensor is connected to the logger using a cable and can measure up to a depth of 50 meters with a sensor accuracy of 0.3% of the full scale. This means that if the measurement range is 1 meter, the accuracy is 3 millimeters.

Data Logger:

The main component used as a data storage medium on an SD card and for real-time data transmission. The logger is connected to a battery as a power source. RTC Time provides precise time data, and a microcontroller relies on the pressure gauge sensor for data acquisition.


Specifications for a Li-ion 3.8V 3400 mAh battery. It can supply power for 6 to 8 weeks, with a data interval per minute. The battery is placed with the logger in a waterproof casing.

Web Display:

PT Luwes Inovasi Mandiri provides its own cloud web server used as a display and data management medium for measurements.