Product Information

CPO Tank is a vital facility in the palm oil industry that plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal oil production and preventing contamination from the external environment. Contamination can result in a decrease in the overall product quality, making it essential to implement robust monitoring systems for the CPO tank.

Traditionally, observations on the CPO tank are carried out with an intensity of 1 to 2 times per day. However, relying solely on manual observation has its limitations. The manual approach is less effective and has the potential to be contaminated by other elements, including the measuring equipment used. Additionally, the infrequent nature of these observations may lead to delays in detecting issues, which can have significant implications for the quality of the palm oil produced. In conclusion, embracing modern monitoring techniques for the CPO tank is crucial for the palm oil industry to uphold high-quality production standards and environmental sustainability. By moving towards automated, real-time monitoring systems, the industry can enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure the consistent quality of palm oil products.

Synoch - Radar

A real-time tank volume monitoring system employing radar technology revolutionizes oil monitoring by offering ease, speed, and enhanced accuracy. Installed directly on the tank, this system operates continuously, providing real-time data at regular intervals. The sensor records and transmits information seamlessly to a designated server through GSM and Bluetooth, ensuring constant connectivity. This data is readily accessible via Android smartphones or PCs, offering convenient and timely insights into the oil levels. In essence, this innovative solution optimizes the monitoring process, streamlining operations for efficient and informed decision-making.


The real-time tank volume monitoring system offers several advantages. Firstly, it utilizes GPRS to transmit real-time data to a web cloud server, enabling remote access and monitoring. Additionally, the system leverages a Bluetooth MESH network for seamless communication, enhancing connectivity and reliability. To address potential disruptions, the system is equipped with a memory card, ensuring data backup in case of communication disturbances. This dual-layered approach guarantees data integrity and system robustness, providing a reliable solution for continuous tank monitoring. Overall, the system's advanced features contribute to enhanced data accessibility, communication stability, and operational reliability.